A Brief Guide To Root Canal Treatment In Broken Arrow, OK

by | May 29, 2018 | Dentist

In Oklahoma, dental professionals perform a multitude of procedures to correct damaged teeth. The treatments are used to restore the tooth after decay sets in and eats away at the enamel. A local dentist performs a root canal treatment in Broken Arrow OK for severely damaged teeth.

Why are Root Canal Treatments Performed?

Typically, the dentist performs a root canal treatment when the tooth continues to become infected or causes pain. If the tooth nerve is damaged, the patient experiences persistent pain. The procedure eliminates the nerve and manages the patient’s pain.

What Happens During the Procedure?

The dentist drills the tooth open and cuts out the nerve and the pulp. The tooth is cleaned out completely. Next, the dentist injects a composite filling into the tooth and seals it off completely. Select dental professionals choose to install a crown over the repaired tooth.

Will the Patient Need Additional Root Canals in the Future?

If the tooth continues to become infected, it is possible that the dentist will perform supplementary root canals. However, if the tooth becomes diseased or decays too quickly, it is extracted.

What is the Success Rate of the Procedure?

According to the latest statistics, the success rate of a root canal is between 85 to 97%. The success rate is based on how well the patient manages their oral care. For example, patients who smoke are more likely to develop additional tooth damage. The patients must also follow oral hygiene steps to prevent bacterial growth and kill germs.

Are the Procedures Painful?

The dentist uses a numbing agent to deaden the treatment area. Some patients are placed under anesthesia. Typically, there is some pain and discomfort after the treatment, but the dentist provides prescription pain medications.

In Oklahoma, dental professionals complete root canals when patients continue to develop infections and pain due to tooth damage. The dentist removes the pulp and nerve inside the tooth to prevent pain and the risk of infection. Most root canal procedures are successful and don’t require any supplementary treatments. Patients who want to learn more about a root canal treatment in Broken Arrow OK contact Kid’s Dental today.

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