7 Money-saving Ways to Lower Your Energy Costs

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Heating Contractor

Energy.gov says your heating and cooling expenses make up about 48 percent of your monthly utility bill. If you don’t want these costs taking a chunk out of your bank account, then here are some of the best ways to tighten your spending:

Picking the right equipment

Choose an AC system that provides you with what you need. Plenty of companies offer AC services and installation for commercial and residential use. Keep that mind when you shop for one.

Going for regular maintenance

Keeping your AC system repair costs low involves springing for regular maintenance services. An AC system that runs efficiently has less chances of ending up with major damage that could run you to hundreds, if not thousands, for repair costs.

Getting a pro

When it comes to installation and home AC repair jobs, don’t take these on alone. Ask for assistance and help from the pros. DIY installation and repairs might seem cost-effective but if you run into problems, you might not have the skill, experience or tools to do get the job done right, faster or better. So leave these to the pros instead.

Insulate your home

No matter how great your AC system works, the best results only happen if you take the energy-saving approach to your entire home. Insulating your home to store heat more effectively during the winter or keep your rooms cooler in the summer is a fine way to start.

Get energy-efficient appliances

AC systems are much more energy-efficient these days so if you’ve got old units that still take a ton of energy to run, maybe it’s finally time to retire those units. Toss them over for new ones that need less energy to run.

Change your lighting

It might be expensive to overhaul your entire lighting system. However, by installing LED lights, you can look forward to cost-savings for a long, long time. It’ll more than pay for itself in the long run too so it’s a great investment.

Use fans

Put fans in strategic spots in your home. It’s a great way to improve the ventilation inside your house so you won’t have to rely on your AC system all the time. This way, you can turn off your AC from time to time without having to suffer through a sweaty time.

So stop your energy bills from spiking. Take steps to ensure your home is upgraded with energy-saving appliances, remodels and lights to help you keep costs low. And make sure to hire a pro for your installation and repair jobs to avoid further damage and bigger costs.

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