5 Ways to Save Big on Car Insurance in Austin TX

by | Jan 9, 2018 | Insurance

Because it’s so hard to find a good car insurance policy at an affordable price, many drivers tend to become complacent once they have coverage. However, complacency can be costly. While it’s easy to see Car Insurance in Austin TX as a fixed cost, there are a variety of ways to save.

Raise the Deductible

In most cases, when someone sets their deductible, they stick with it. However, increasing the amount paid out-of-pocket for minor damage is a good way to lower annual expenses. While this makes an accident cost more, it’s good if everyone on the policy has a clean driving history. If the idea of a larger deductible is concerning, customers can put their savings aside for automotive emergencies.


Joining a carpool or using ride-sharing services has benefits beyond those to the environment. If someone carpools with at least three others, they can reduce their mileage by 75%. The less someone drives, the more they can save on auto insurance. The amount saved may depend on several factors, but the difference can be substantial.

Buy Only What’s Needed

The auto insurance a driver needs for a new car is often different than what they need later. Initial rates are often higher because drivers are typically required to have collision and comprehensive coverage on leased and financed vehicles. Comprehensive insurance pays for replacement or repairs due to non-accident damage, and collision coverage pays for damages sustained in a crash. However, it’s usually smart to drop this coverage for older vehicles.

Bundle Policies

If a driver has their Car Insurance in Austin TX through another company, they may be paying more than they have to. By combining policies with one company, drivers can stack discounts and get even bigger savings. Car insurance is a big risk for underwriters, and by combining coverage, the risk is spread out.

Focus on Driving Habits

Location, lifestyle, and career changes can have a significant effect on the amount a person pays for auto insurance. Just as with carpooling, reduced mileage means lower rates. However, many people don’t call their insurance agents when their lives change, and they end up paying more than necessary. Click Here for more details or call to learn how to save on auto insurance.

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