5 Ways to Deal with Prior Authorization Issues

by | Jan 10, 2018 | Health

There are plenty of ways to improve prior authorization process. If it’s making it difficult to provide quality patient care, then improving the experience will help reduce the issues and frustrations that plague your private practice. Here are helpful tips on how to make this happen:

Develop a protocol

Establish one that would consistently document data necessary for prior authorization in medical records. This can be in instrumental in preventing delays, ensuring faster patient therapy and zero follow-ups with patients to secure additional or necessary information, says the Wire.

Know the steps

Determine prior authorization requirements before you offer your services. It would also be smart to take this step before you send prescriptions to the pharmacy. With this out of the way, you won’t find yourself stressed with claim denials or lost payments or even delays in filling out those prescriptions.

Invest in data

Know as much as you can about the process. Invest in prior authorization data by paying for market analyses and marketing insights from firms that provide syndicated research. This helps update your knowledge base, allowing you to pinpoint weaknesses in your own processes and strategy.

Pick a good firm

Put your trust in syndicated research carried out by trustworthy and reputable firms in the field. Look for market intelligence companies that have been around for years. Experience is a good indicator of reliability and that’s one of the qualities you definitely want in a research provider.

Make those changes

Based on market-leading prior authorization data, you can plan for and execute changes that make a difference. From finding better ways to eliminate bottlenecks in your processes to know how to optimize the use of resources at your hospital or private practice, you can look forward to resolving a number of the prior authorization issues that plague your practice.

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