4 Unbelievable Reasons to Stay in the ASU Tempe Off-Campus Apartments

by | Mar 12, 2024 | student Accommodation Centre

You will have to select between staying in campus or off-campus apartments while in college. While both options have their perks, living in off-campus apartments is the best thing to do. Below are a few reasons why you should live in ASU Tempe apartments.

1. More Options

Living in off-campus apartments gives you a wide variety of options to select from. The ASU Tempe apartments come with a variety of floor plans, making it possible to choose a unit that fits your budget and preferences. You can get a studio apartment or a two-bedroom unit based on your needs.

2. Plentiful Amenities

Another reason to live in off-campus apartments is access to several amenities. Amenities in the ASU off-campus apartments include a fitness center, a study area, a clubhouse and a swimming pool. The availability of many amenities in these apartments guarantees an unmatched living experience.

3. Convenient Location

You will love the convenience that comes with living in off-campus apartments. Like campus dorms, the off-campus apartments are situated near classes. They are also near shopping centers, sports grounds, railway stations and other popular destinations.

4. Personal Space

Living in off-campus apartments guarantees more privacy. This is because you can live alone or select your preferred roommate. In addition, you can invite friends and even have a small party without worrying about breaking apartment rules.

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