4 Reasons to Use a Custom Machine Shop for Your Business

Do you offer machining or fabrication services to your customers? You might have an excellent business and your machinists may do exceptional work. However, you may occasionally have the need for special parts and orders and a custom machine shop can provide a lot of important benefits for your business. Let’s look at 4 reasons why these services are so important today.

1. Production
If you have a regular customer requiring a lot of the same kind of parts, you can run for long periods of time without making equipment changes or adjustments. When you produce your own custom parts, it can cause a great deal of downtime. For example, you may need to make frequent changes and this means setting up the machines and then making adjustments more often than usual. This can affect overall production.

Having a custom machine shop you can depend on, saves you a lot of time and this can greatly increase your production output. When you increase output you also increase efficiency and this means more profits.

2. Versatility
Custom parts are very popular these days and they command a premium price. When you can offer a wide range of special parts and components you greatly increase the kinds of materials you can offer your customers. In fact, versatility is a good strategy for attracting new business. For example, finding a company capable of milling stainless steel or plastic is like adding a whole new line of equipment to your business and hiring skilled machinists to operate them. However, because you are not expanding your workforce, you save a great deal on overhead expenses.

3. Competition
Keeping up with competitors can be a full-time job in some industries. Anytime you offer services or materials your competitors cannot, you win because customers will seek you out when they need these services. Many companies like to do business with just one supplier and if you can supply all the needs of customers, they are more likely to make you their main supplier instead of a competitor. This can help you stay in business when the economy slumps and some shops are forced to go under.

4. Your Own Parts Supplier
There may be times when you need custom parts and services for your business. If you already have a custom machine shop to turn to, this makes it very convenient. You have the parts you need quickly and this can help to eliminate a lot of production problems.

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