4 Reasons to Trade in Your Vehicle at a Car Dealer

by | Dec 24, 2019 | Automotive

Looking for car dealerships in Palatine? Trading in your vehicle to an auto dealership is the easiest way to part with it when it’s time to purchase another vehicle. A trade-in vehicle is a car that you offer to the dealer in exchange for credit toward the price of the car that you’re buying. Here are 4 reasons to trade in your vehicle at a car dealership in Palatine.

1. Quick Process- Just tell the car salesperson you’re buying a car from that you want to trade your current one in, and he or she will take it from there. A manager will test drive and appraise the value of the car, and make you an offer.

2. Save Time- If you sell your vehicle to a third party, you will have to drive to more than once place to complete the deal. If you trade your current vehicle in, you just drive it to the auto dealership and drive your next car home.

3. Pay Less Tax- Depending on how your state taxes auto sales, the value of your trade-in may be deducted from the price of your new car for the purpose of computing sales tax. But this tax benefit doesn’t apply if you sell your old car to private buyer.

4. High Mileage- Trading in a high-mileage car for a newer one can be a proactive approach to avoiding problems in the future. According to research, expensive repair issues usually begin to crop up around the 90,000-mile mark.

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