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4 Common Outdoor Walkway Lighting Mistakes to Avoid

You may have a lovely landscape that is impressive. However, even the most beautiful and well cared for properties may not be the same after the sun goes down. When it gets dark, the possibilities of accidents increase considerably, and it’s important to have outdoor walkway lighting that leads the way for your family and visitors. When you light your walkways, here are four common mistakes you should avoid.

1. Too Bright

Did you know you can use lights that are too bright at night? Pathway lights should be focused down to let you see where to walk. However, they are meant to supplement a lighting system. It’s best to have lights that highlight (as opposed to illuminate brightly). This adds to your outdoor walkway lighting ambiance and enhances the beauty of your landscape. It’s an important thing to consider if you want to increase your curb appeal.

2. Light Spacing Too Close

When you light up your pathways, you’ll need to put lights about every 6 to 8 feet (according to many lighting experts). If you place them too closely, you may be using lights that you don’t need. It’s possible to make your yard look like an airport runway if the lights are close together.

3. Wrong Kind of Lights

Make sure to choose fixtures that are specifically designed for outdoor walkway lighting and not “one size fits all” fixtures. Pathway lights have special features like covers or umbrellas that perfectly focus the light on your pathway and not up in your eyes. Pathway lighting is supposed to illuminate pathways, and they are not designed to light up your entire landscape.

4. Assuming You Know It All

Most people know very little about pathway lighting, and it’s a good idea to speak to someone knowledgeable on the subject. This can help you avoid many mistakes and save money too.

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