4 Awesome Birthday Theme Ideas for Your Kids

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Canopies

A birthday is one of the most exciting times of the year for a child. Turn it into theme party? Then you’re kid will go bezerk. The creative possibilities are endless, but then there’s the food, games, and décor that come with your theme.

You might want to go with one of your child’s favorite movies or cartoons, or maybe something simple like an animal theme. Looking for a few more ideas? Here’s a few tried-and-true themes that are relatively easy to create:

1. Heroes and Villains
Instead of focusing on one superhero franchise or favorite movie, why not have a general Heroes and Villains party? Your child and their guests can be encouraged to show up to the party dressed as their favorite hero or villain. You can brainstorm up a few hero and villain inspired foods, and maybe even give out comic books as a favor.

2. Camping
Having a party outdoors, complete with a barbecue, s’mores and rented kids play tents can all come together to create a camping experience. Although the party won’t likely be taking place at night, your child and their guest can still have the experience of playing in the great outdoors—especially if you have a large backyard or hold the party at a park.

3. Tea Party
If your child has a bit of a sophisticated taste, then a tea party might be in order. With this theme, you can really go in either direction: classy party with a bit of dress-up, or a wacky adventure in Wonderland at the table of the Mad Hatter.

4. Beach Party
Much like the camping party, a beach party in summer can be a great substitute for an actual beach if one is too far to visit. Kids can wear bathing suits and sunglasses, and you can set up kiddie pools or a Slip N Slide for water fun in the sun. Cook up some tropical treats, serve some frozen fruit smoothie “mocktails” and maybe even set up a volleyball net.

These are just a few basic suggestions to get your thoughts going. Of course, the best person to consult is your child, as their imagination is likely to lead you to some ideas. Go all out with a theme, and make your child’s birthday party memorable!

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