3 Types of Smoking Shelters to Consider

While rates have dropped in recent years, many adults still smoke. Some have switched to vaping, although vapers are still restricted in where they can use their electronic cigarettes.

Smoking statistics reveal that 19% of UK adults smoke. Rates among English smokers have dropped from 19.3% to 14.9% in five years. However, millions of people still smoke. That means choosing the right smoking shelters to install at workplaces across the UK remains an important task.

Here are three options you could choose from if you are looking for shelters to use.

Open-Fronted Shelters

These are typically cheaper than other smoking shelters, thereby providing an affordable option. They come in various sizes and can accommodate several people at once. They also provide some shelter from the elements.

Wall-Attached Shelters

If the shelter is to be installed close to a building, it might be prudent to purchase one that is designed to be attached to the wall itself. This is usually a cheaper option as the wall takes the place of the back of the shelter. Some are open-sided while others may use shatter-proof panels between the metal posts. If the design is more open, it means two or more shelters could be butted up to each other.

Shelters with Seating Included

Some smoking shelters are designed to be enclosed, with three and sometimes three and a half sides barring entry. This provides more protection from the weather, not to mention the chance to add seating to the design. These may be proper seats or simply angled seats to rest on while smoking.

Many businesses may be limited in funds when considering which shelters to purchase. It is reassuring to know there are various designs and styles available today. Those made from metal frames are likely to last far longer, regardless of design, and be suitable for all budgets as well.

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