3 Pieces of Advice Your Divorce Lawyer is Likely to Provide

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Lawyers

Going through a divorce, even when both parties agree it’s the only practical solution, is difficult. With the help of a divorce lawyer in Belvidere IL, you can do your part to move the process forward while still guarding your own interests. Along the way, your lawyer will offer advice designed to make the process as simple as possible. Here are three examples of advice you should follow closely.

Don’t Attempt to Hide Anything From Your Lawyer

Never try to hide anything from your legal counsel. Whether you think the information doesn’t matter or you find it embarrassing, let your lawyer know about it. The last thing you need is for the information to be revealed by the opposing party during the negotiations. Rest assured there is nothing that your lawyer has not heard before, and know that the information will only be used if necessary.

Say as Little As Possible About the Divorce

While the divorce is underway, keep your comments about the process and your soon to be former spouse to a minimum. What starts out as a casual remark may turn into something completely different by the time it gets back around to the legal counsel for the other side. As your divorce lawyer from Belvidere IL will explain, it’s not possible to misinterpret anything you say if you didn’t say anything in the first place.

All Queries About the Divorce Go Through Your Lawyer

Whether the divorce is amicable or a highly tense situation, make sure that all questions or requests for information from the opposing party are routed through your divorce lawyer in Belvidere IL. It’s easier to keep personal tensions lower if the two of you aren’t fighting while the lawyers are trying to work out an equitable settlement.

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