3 Oral Health Benefits of Dental Implants in Lincoln Park, IL

by | Dec 13, 2023 | Dental Services

Losing a tooth can result in a variety of negative effects that can impact your health. You may experience an acceleration in tooth decay and gum disease or even see changes in the shape of your face and jaw. Worst of all, you may start to feel self-conscious about your smile. Dental implants are one of the most effective ways to restore missing teeth, but their benefits don’t just stop at making over your smile. If you are missing one or more teeth, here are three ways that dental implants in Lincoln Park can benefit your oral health.

Oral Health Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Protects Surrounding Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth may shift to fill in the empty space left behind. This movement can cause the teeth to loosen and put them at risk of falling out. Loose teeth can also leave space between the tooth and the gums, which may contribute to the formation of cavities.

2. Protects Jaw Integrity

A healthy jawbone requires some pressure from your teeth to maintain a consistent bone density. After losing a tooth, the decrease in pressure can subsequently trigger the body into reabsorbing some of the minerals in your jawbone.

3. Improves Chewing and Nutrition

A missing tooth can also affect your ability to chew food. In many cases, patients with missing teeth fail to get adequate nutrition because their diets are limited to soft-textured foods.

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