3 Options To Consider In Cloud Server Hosting

There are three standard options in cloud server hosting solutions. Not all cloud service providers offer all of these options, while other companies offer other types of cloud solutions designed for specific types of businesses.

The three most common options in cloud server hosting solutions for businesses are public, private, and hybrid clouds. Each of these options has benefits to consider, and all can be useful to any type of business.

Public Clouds

Public clouds are managed by a provider and use servers, hardware, software, and infrastructure in multiple locations. The reason this is known as a public cloud is that these resources are shared by those using the cloud. However, each user (business) has privacy and security in the data and operations that are based in the cloud.

The public cloud is a low-cost, no-maintenance option for the business. It is also fully scalable and has built-in redundancy to ensure continual uptime.

Private Clouds

A private cloud is dedicated to one tenant or user. Large corporations or agencies with high data throughput and computing needs use private clouds. There is an added level of security and protection, as well as full control over the cloud operation and environment.

Hybrid Clouds

As the name implies, hybrid cloud server hosting features components of the public and private clouds. It has a private infrastructure for secure information and a public side for flexibility, shared resources, and lower cost of operation.

Hybrid clouds are ideal for rapidly growing companies with a need for flexibility and easy transition from in-house servers or public to private cloud solutions.

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