What To Expect From Motorcycle Insurance In Camp Hill, PA

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Insurance

In Pennsylvania, the current laws don’t require motorcycle coverage under the auto insurance mandate. However, motorcycle owners need coverage to protect their investment and lower the impact when they are at fault in an accident. The details found below provide an assessment of motorcycle insurance in Camp Hill, PA.

Standard Liability Coverage

While there isn’t a legal requirement, standard liability coverage is invaluable for motorcycle riders. The policies don’t provide coverage for their motorcycle. It does, however, provide coverage for the injuries and property damage of others involved in the accident. These policies could prevent a lawsuit filed against the motorcycle rider and provide adequate coverage.

Limitations for These Policies

The limitations of these policies are based on the type of coverage achieved and any criminal acts conducted by the motorcycle rider. If they don’t acquire a higher level of coverage, they won’t receive coverage for their motorcycle. A comprehensive policy will provide this coverage level. Additionally, if the owner operated the motorcycle while they were intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, the insurer can deny their claim based on a violation of the terms of the policy.

If an Accident Claim is Filed?

The accident claim will require the motorcycle rider to acquire an estimate for repairs. If they were at fault in an accident, they will need estimates for additional property damage and medical expenses for individuals involved in the accident. These estimates must be included in the claim to acquire coverage.

Addressing Comparative Fault

If the motorcycle rider files a legal claim due to a lack of coverage, they could be subject to a comparative fault ruling. In these cases, any traffic violations committed by the rider are used to reduce their settlement. For this reason, underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage could prove vital for these owners.

In Pennsylvania, motorcycle riders aren’t subject to any insurance mandate or requirement. They are free to make choices about their preferred level of insurance coverage. However, they will need clear advice about these options. Owners who need to obtain motorcycle insurance in Camp Hill, PA contact Farnham Insurance Agency for a free quote and assessment today.

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