The Advantages of Working with Interior Design Experts for Washington, DC Remodeling Projects

One of the growing trends in the Washington, DC area is to opt for the remodeling of an existing home rather than selling and moving to a new location. The stress of putting a home on the market can be eliminated entirely through a quality renovation, and it also allows the homeowner to add value to the home for a future sale.

However, not all remodeling options are equal when it comes to adding beauty, functionality, and value to a home. By hiring interior design experts to work with your architect in the planning stages and then to work with the building contractor, you ensure the project is completed to your exacting specifications.

Your Voice

Throughout the remodeling project, the interior design expert will act as the project manager. This usually makes them the first professional consulted by the homeowner. In this role, the interior designer typically makes recommendations to builders and architects that are suitable for the styles and design the homeowner chose for the remodel.

This also helps to manage the cost of the project, since interior design experts know the materials and design options that will work with the homeowner’s budget. This also ensures the quality needed for the Washington, DC property to match the quality of the rest of the home.

Avoiding Mistakes

Many mistakes can occur with any home remodeling project. Mismatching of styles between the existing rooms and those under renovation is a common error. The final result is a home that looks partially renovated, with an old look in the existing part of the home and a trendy look in the newly renovated areas.

By working with design experts at Zoë Feldman Design, a seamless flow and style is developed between all the rooms of the home. While there may be new and unique style elements, they all work together to create a beautiful space. To schedule a consultation, please call us at 202-719-8062.

The interior design experts at Zoë Feldman Design work with homeowners to create the perfect space in any home remodeling project.

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