Integrating Love and Prayer in the Healing Techniques of Massage

Traditionally called “Lomi Lomi”, Massage in Hawaii is known the world over as a healing practice used by native healers. This restorative massage is centered in prayer and intention as the native healer starts to pray during the time they pluck the herbs to be used in the massage. It has been said that no one should distract the attention of the healer in order not to break the vibration. This indigenous practice has evolved and now many schools of “Lomi Lomi” are offering different techniques and procedures on the uniquely Hawaiian therapeutic massage.

Whether an individual seeks massage in Hawaii for luxurious pampering, pain management or stress alleviation, it is without doubt that massage provides the body with many advantages besides rejuvenation and therapy.

1. Massage alleviates back pain and improves the body’s movement
2. Expectant mothers gain relief from massage as it reduces the time of labor
3. It reduces the needs for medications specifically pain relievers and muscle relaxants
4. Once the body is stimulated, it strengthens the immune system and circulation
5. It increases flexibility
6. It helps athletes to recover easily after the fatigue of workouts and games
7. It eliminates stress and anxiety on patients suffering from depression
8. It relaxes overused and injured muscles
9. It releases the endorphins which are the body’s natural painkillers
10. It enhances the quality of sleep

The massage with which you are quite familiar with differs from the powerful healing form of Lomi Lomi since this age old Polynesian healing process is done with loving and healing hands. The focus of the Lomi Lomi practitioner is on loving hands and loving heart with long continuous strokes that works gently and deeply into the muscles. The healer looks at the energy flow within the body and believes that any blockages to this energy flow needs to be released so that the body will heal emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Students of Lomi Lomi learn to let the love flow from their hearts into their hands. The healing process is increased by the flow of love which connects to the soul of the person receiving the massage. The recipient of the massage usually experiences the release of the negative emotions that has long been imbedded inside the body which allows the healing process of massage stay long after the massage has been over. According to individuals who have experienced the massage, it is a mind-blowing and blissful experience under the healing hands of the practitioner.

The hula dance which is synonymous to Hawaii is an integral part of Lomi Lomi which is danced around the table while the massage is being performed. The movements of the hula dance assist in the energy flow from the practitioner into the recipient in order to keep the energy at a high level. This is the old Hawaiian custom which most people perceived as just an ordinary traditional dance of the natives. Similarly, Aloha does not only stand for hello and goodbye but “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present.”

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