Get a Regular Eye Exam in Murrieta for Proper Vision Care and Health

Even if you haven’t experienced past problems with your vision, it is still a good idea to have a regular eye exam performed. This is critical to maintaining good vision health. Optometrists, who specialize in treatment of eyes, provide total vision care including diagnosing and treating eye problems along with corrective lens prescriptions. Some are also involved in performing eye surgeries. An optician on the other hand performs testing for vision correction through contact lenses and glasses. Regardless of whether you have perfect vision or not, an eye exam in Murrieta is recommended annually.

Testing for Eye Problems
In a conventional eye examination, the practitioner will perform certain tests to measure visual accuracy, evaluate refraction and check for other eye problems. This is to determine whether or not the patient requires prescription contacts or glasses. An ophthalmologist will check peripheral vision and movement as well as examine the back and front of the eye. This is typically performed using an intense light that illuminates the cornea and other regions. The pupil is dilated with special drops to closely examine the retina with a special instrument.

Vision Care is Important
An eye exam in Murrieta can also involve examining the skin around the eye region. It’s recommended to have regular vision care service even if you don’t have a past family history of eye conditions or wear corrective lenses. However, it’s more critical for those with diseases such as diabetes which have the potential to affect proper vision. Your doctor can recommend an appropriate interval to come in for an examination. Most importantly, early diagnosis of disease prevents sight loss.

Senior Citizen Care
If you are a senior citizen you’ve probably noticed the effects of aging and how it influences vision. Regular health checkups are vital for elderly people, especially when it concerns their eyes. Just as with joints, skin and hair, eyes change as people become older. Some of the more frequently seen problems include cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. Many of these diseases can be cured or diminished with proper care.

Changing Eyeglasses
The eye doctor can also offset poor vision by helping patients manage vision prescriptions. It’s essential to come in and have testing to see if your eye glasses or contact prescription needs an adjustment. Many elderly patients will also require the use of bifocals or additional glasses. It’s been estimated that almost half of seniors have at least some form of cataracts. This is a normal consequence of older age. The accepted care is cataract surgery before it advances too far.

Early Detection
It’s important to not ignore eye care. Certain conditions can lead to blindness when left untreated. Considering the number of eye conditions that senior’s experience, it’s imperative to begin early with regular eye exam in Murrieta sessions. See your ophthalmologist frequently, especially if it’s been several years since you had your last eye assessment. This will go a long way in preventing worst case scenarios later in life.


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