All About Hip Replacement Surgeries Performed By An Orthopedic In Middletown

An Orthopedic in Middletown may perform a wide variety of surgeries, each one done with the goal of improving the health of the skeletal system and the joints, muscles and ligaments associated with it. A common type of surgery that Orthopedics deal with is joint replacement surgery. If you are facing the possibility of undergoing one of these surgeries yourself, it can help to get as much information as you can about it. Knowing why the surgery is done and what will happen while you are under the knife can help ease your mind and let you relax a little.

If you have severe arthritis or have sustained an injury to one of your joints, you may have the option of having joint replacement surgery. The goal of this type of surgery is to ease the pain that may be present and improve the range of motion of the affected joint. You might be amazed at how much better you feel after you heal and are able to get back to your everyday normal activities.

A common type of joint replacement surgery performed by your Orthopedic in Middletown is hip replacement. Hip replacement surgery is often performed on seniors, although people of any age may require it. The need for the procedure may arise from a fall or from other conditions such as arthritis. During this surgery, a metal ball is put in to replace the upper end of the femur. The hip socket is also resurfaced in order to be able to accept the new joint.

Your surgery may be performed by your Orthopedic in Middletown a couple of different ways. A traditional hip replacement involves making an 8-10 inch incision along the side of the hip. The surgeon then works to dislocate the hip in order to have access to the surfaces of the joint he will be replacing.

A minimally invasive hip replacement is performed in the same manner, but only requires a 3-6 inch incision. This type of surgery can allow you to heal faster because there is not as much injury caused to the muscles tissue that surrounds your hip. This means that you may not need to stay in the hospital as long after your surgery and that the pain associated with the surgery can be significantly less. You also benefit from the ability to return to your normal activities and routines quicker because the time spent on rehabilitation is usually a fraction of the time compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.


Talk with your Orthopedic in Middletown about the options you have for hip replacement surgery. Your Orthopedic in Middletown will be able to access your situation and guide you in the right direction.

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