Why Consider A Root Canal In Chicago

If you have a cavity that is too deep, a traditional filling may not suffice. In some cases, it will be tried, but you will still experience pain when eating or high sensitivity to cold. In these cases, a root canal in Chicago could be the next-best option for you. While some people think that removing the tooth is the best route to take, it’s always best to keep your original teeth. Such treatment is virtually painless and will leave you feeling better than before. Because of modern technology and anesthesia, you aren’t likely to have any pain at all during or after the procedure.

How It Works

During a root canal in Chicago, the infected or inflamed tooth pulp is completely removed, and the inside of your tooth is thoroughly disinfected and cleaned. Once that is complete, the tooth is filled or sealed with a rubber-type material that’s called gutta-percha. Once the filling has set, a crown is placed over the tooth so that it continues to function as healthy teeth.


One of the most significant reasons to consider such a procedure is that it is more efficient. An extraction can actually take longer than this treatment because it requires multiple follow-up appointments. Plus, there could be complications with an extraction that would require more care. Along with such, this procedure is much less expensive than extractions because you may also require an implant or denture to restore the full set of teeth.

Visually Appealing

Crowns aren’t just there to function as a regular tooth. They will also look just like the rest of the teeth. You won’t have a gap between the teeth, so you will still feel comfortable smiling and talking.

A root canal in Chicago is much better than having a tooth extracted. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists at https://www.endoperiosurg.com to book an appointment today.

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