Stick With Proven Methods for Teeth Cleaning in Lusby, MD

Some individuals seek out purportedly natural solutions for keeping their teeth clean and healthy, but nothing works so well as using fluoride toothpaste every day and having professional Teeth Cleaning in Lusby MD twice yearly. Substances such as baking soda and table salt for brushing tend to be hard on tooth enamel. Attempting to use hydrogen peroxide for home whitening is likely to have inconsistent results. These products also can cause temporary, but uncomfortable, teeth and gum sensitivity.

Tartar Scraping

In addition, there is no safe way for an individual at home to scrape hard tartar from the enamel. That must be done by a dentist or dental hygienist during professional Teeth Cleaning in Lusby MD. They have specialized tools and can view the teeth close-up from various angles. They also are highly skilled in this particular technique as they’ve been thoroughly trained and have practiced extensively under supervision.

Stain Removal

Another advantage of professional cleaning is stain removal from the tooth enamel. The practitioner can whiten teeth to a certain extent through the polishing process performed during routine cleaning appointments. This is done with an electric oscillating brush and a paste with specific granular size and content. Polishing quickly removes some degree of surface stains that have developed because of consuming substances like coffee, black tea, and red wine. Each tooth usually can be effectively polished in less than 10 seconds.

Routine Cleaning at Home

For at-home teeth cleaning, dentists recommend that individuals stick with the practices verified as effective by research. That means brushing two or three times a day and flossing once each day. Fluoride is important because it strengthens enamel and prevents cavity formation. It can even reverse tooth decay in the earliest stages.

Effective Actions

Avoiding snacking on sugary foods and drinking sugary beverages throughout the day also is a tried-and-true method for keeping teeth clean between meals and brushings. Most people can avoid tooth decay with this strategy along with the other recommended actions. Twice a year, they can have their oral health checked by a dentist such as Louis B. Sachs. Browse us at the website.

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