Mental Health Services that Provide Medication

Do you believe that you require a mental health service? Are you suffering from bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, behavioral problems, or any other mental problem? While there are many options that provide services without medication, some patients believe that medication is a large part of experiencing success with mental health services. Both inpatient and an outpatient treatment in Minneapolis can be offered to you based on the severity of your condition. Many people are taking advantage of the outpatient treatment services as they can continue with their normal lives while handling their mental health problems with medication.

There are therapists that can provide outpatient treatment through medication. Some may provide medication but not therapy. These professionals have advanced degrees from training and experience with specific areas of therapy. For example, therapists that specialize in art therapy or music therapy can help you if you have a passion for the arts. There are therapists out there that can connect with you, making the road to recovery more comfortable and potentially quicker.

Visiting a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a doctor that can diagnose and treat your mental illness. This professional can prescribe to your medication, but a psychiatrist cannot counsel you. There can be psychiatrists specifically for adolescents or children.

Mental Health Nurse

A nurse practitioner who is registered and has obtained a degree along with training in a specific form of therapy can meet your needs. This professional can prescribe you medication after diagnosing your mental illness.

Primary Care Service

If you typically visit your primary care physician for health reasons, you may also visit this professional for mental health treatments as well. These physicians are typically allowed to prescribe you with medication. You can visit your primary care physician to discuss your health concerns and be diagnosed with the appropriate treatment plan.

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