Let Scents Envelop You With Candle Warmers

If you want your favorite scents to waft delightfully throughout your home, you have several options. However, one of the most popular and effective ways is to use candle warmers. Also known as tart warmers, these small devices are one easy and effective means of spreading the delicate, heavy, spicy, sweet or perfumed aroma of a special candle or scented wax into every nook and cranny.

Candle Warmer Styles

Candle warmers come in different sizes, shapes, and types. All possess the ability to melt the wax or candle, scattering the scent into the air. However, the warmers are not for taper candles. It is also better if the candles are in containers, e.g., jar candles. Options are scented candle wax. Some people refer to this material as wickless candles.

Essentially, no matter what the melting material, the basic purpose of a candle warmer is to melt the wax, thereby releasing the scent. While some individuals still use a tea candle to melt the wax, many choose a fireless source – an electric candle warmer – either a bulb or hot plate style. These electric models generate the heat essential to melting the wax without the dangers an open flame presents. This is one advantage; others include:

Absence of soot

No need to keep a supply of unscented tea lights on hand

A container for the wax – Many have a built-in bowl

Can turn on and off as is convenient

For those who want to ensure the fragrance embraces a large space, one option is a candle warmer with a fan attachment.

Candle Warmers

If you want to fill the air of a room with scent, you can light a very strongly perfumed candle and hope for the best. Alternatively, you can purchase a candle warmer. Candle warmers are very effective and even efficient in guaranteeing the scent of a quality candle circulates around the desired area.

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